- Set I  $9.95
 - Set II  $14.50
 - Set III  $16.95
 - Christmas  $15.95

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Christmas 2017
  Cabbage with Beans$1.45   
  Cheesecake (8in)$16.00   
  Dumplings (per pound)$3.95   
  Dumplings (slaskie) (per pound)$4.25   
  Fish in Jello (portion)$3.45   
  Fish in Vegetable$2.95   
  Fried carp$2.45   
  Fried Fish$2.45   
  Herring Japanese style$3.45   
  Herrings in Oil (per pound)$8.95   
  Herrings in sour cream (per pound)$8.95   
  Herrings in Vinegar (per pound)$8.95   
  Noodles/Poppy Seed$1.95   
  Pierogi with Mushroom (per pound)$6.25   
  Poppy seed cake$18.00   
  Red Beets, Salad (per pound)$4.95   
  Red Borsch/Sauerkraut+Mushroom Roll$3.55   
  Stuffed Cabbage/Mushroom$2.45   
  Uszka with Meat (per pound)$5.95   
  Uszka with Mushroom (per pound)$6.95   
  Vegetable Salad (per pound)$6.75   

Additions 2017
  See image.BBQ wings (35 pcs)$23.50   
  Breaded Mushroom Tray (40 pieces)$19.50   
  See image.Canape tray (15 servings)$22.00   
  See image.Canapes tray (35 servings)$49.00   
  See image.Cold cuts tray (10 servings)$29.00   
  See image.Cold cuts tray (15 servings "Koreczki")$29.00   
  See image.Cold cuts tray (30 servings)$55.00   
  See image.Fruit tray (10 servings)$20.00   
  See image.Fruit tray (30 servings)$40.00   
  Hunter stew (4 oz)$1.85   
  See image.Kolaczki (1 ea)$1.25   
  Meatball Tray (30 pieces)$25.00   
  See image.Mixed pastries tray (20 servings)$18.00   
  See image.Mixed pastries tray (50 servings)$42.00   
  Pierogi with Blueberries (per pound)$4.50   
  Pierogi with Cheese (per pound)$4.35   
  Pierogi with Fried (per pound)$4.25   
  Pierogi with Meat (per pound)$4.35   
  Pierogi with Plums (per pound)$4.50   
  Pierogi with Potato (per pound)$4.35   
  Pierogi with Sau./Mush. (per pound)$4.95   
  Pierogi with Sauerkraut (per pound)$4.35   
  Pierogi with Strawberries (per pound)$4.50   
  See image.Pizza bread tray (12 pcs)$13.50   
  Pork hocks, roasted (1 pc)$3.25   
  Pyzy with Cabbage (per pund)$4.75   
  Pyzy with Meat (per pund)$4.95   
  Pyzy with Potato (per pund)$4.50   
  Sausage/Bacon Tray (30 pieces)$25.00   
  See image.Stuffed Chicken drumstick (1 serving)$1.75   
  See image.Stuffed cornish hen$6.95   
  See image.Tatar (1 serving)$4.95   
  See image.Vegetable tray (10 servings)$18.00   
  See image.Vegetable tray (30 servings)$40.00   
  Whole Pork Ham, roasted (per pound)$4.75   
  See image.Whole roasted pig (1 ea - 25-30 lb)$175.00   
  Whole roasted Prime Rib (per pound)$18.95   
  Whole smoked lake trout (per pound)$9.95   
  Whole smoked salmon (per pound)$16.95   

Soups (16oz) 2017
  Chicken noodle soup$2.25   
  Cream of broccoli$2.25   
  Cream of cauliflower$2.25   
  Cream of chicken$2.25   
  Cream of tomato$2.25   
  Mushroom soup (8 oz)$2.25   
  Red Borsch plain (8oz)$1.95   

Soups (additions to Red Borsch) 2017
  Croquet with cabbage$1.75   
  Croquet with meat$1.55   
  Croquet with mushroom$2.25   
  Croquet with mushroom and sauerkraut$1.95   
  Meat roll$1.55   
  Uszka with meat (10pcs)$0.75   
  Uszka with mushrooms (10pcs)$0.95